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The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development (ALTPD) Pathway document is a roadmap for developing sport and physical activity among Aboriginal peoples. The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway document is the Canadian Sport for Life – Long-Term Athlete Development Resource Paper 2.0 contextualized for an Aboriginal audience. As more Aboriginal people and communities become familiar with Long-Term Athlete Development through the use of the Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway, sport organizations would be wise to use Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway as a reference tool. Badminton programming in Canada has many examples of programming that has been delivered in Aboriginal communities and to Aboriginal participants. Badminton is included within the North American Indigenous Games and the Arctic Winter Games, both of which are events for Aboriginal participants. As Badminton Canada plans forward, there is a need to be intentional around building relationships with Aboriginal sport bodies and Aboriginal community leaders; an appreciation for the history and culture of Aboriginal peoples; coach and leader training on how to work with and support Aboriginal participants; identifying gaps in participation and addressing barriers to program delivery and participant pathways; and delivering culturally appropriate programming. This supplement is a first step towards that work. For more information regarding the ALTPD Pathway, please see the attachment here : BCAN – Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway Supplement (ALTPD).PDF