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16.17 Ontario Competitions Banner

The Badminton Ontario Club Championships Banner has been re-named to the Badminton Ontario Competition Banner. 

Points are accumulated by athletes on behalf of their affiliated club for each 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (or Consolation Round Winner) placing team at any Badminton Ontario sanctioned event. Players must have a valid Badminton Ontario Membership to gain points for their club. The club with the most points will receive the Ontario Competitions Banner. Badminton Ontario will be moving towards a tiered point allocation system to be more reflective of the level of play.

The baseline reference point system for placements are:
• Main Round 1st place team receives 100 points
• Main Round 2nd place team receives 75 points

• Main Round 3rd or Semi-finalist of Main Round receives 50 points
  Consolation Round winner receives 30 points

Each PROVINCIAL tournament is assigned a value which is multiplied by the baseline value. The values for the 16.17 season will be:
• B-Circuit tournaments: 1.0 value
• B Championships: 1.5 value
• A-Circuit tournaments: 2.0 value
• A Championships: 3.0 value
• Open tournaments: 3.0 value

Masters Tournaments 1.0 value
• Adult Open Championships: 4.0 value
• Masters Championships: 1.5 value

All 16.17 season HP A-Circuit tournaments will be awarded banner points.

The 16.17 season B-Circuit tournaments awarded banner points will be:
• #1R YDBA E- Badminton: (September 24-25, 2016)
• #2R  TDBA Mandarin: (Oct 8-9, 2016
• #3R TDBA Granite (November 12-13, 2016)
• #4R GBDBA Machi: (November 26-27, 2016)
• #6R YDBA KC Badminton: (December  10-11, 2016)
• #8R NOBA Cambrian College: (February 11-12, 2016)
• #9R TDBA Boulevard: (March 4-5,, 2016)






Past recipients: 
The 2015- 2016 Club Championship Banner was awarded to KC Badminton Club.

The 2014-2015 Club Championship Banner was awarded to E Badminton Training Centre. 

The 2013-2014 Club Championship Banner was awarded to KC Badminton Club.